The knee joint is primarily a stability joint between the ankle and hip. Stance/position and mobility is essential to properly transfer and stabilize forces from the ankles and hips/pelvis. Locally, it is important that the joint be able to function properly through good blood flow and condition of the ligaments and muscles. Especially during sports and loading, complaints can occur in this joint due to the transfer function of forces. In addition, osteopathy looks beyond the knee joint and looks for possible causes throughout the body. Below is a list of what complaints might occur.

- Knee problems
- Osteoarthritis/Atritis
- Muscle complaints
- Shinsplints
- Patello-femoral complaints
- Runner's knee
- Meniscus complaints
- Deafness/reduced sensation in the legs
- Tingling to the legs
- Persistent symptoms after surgery
- Scar tissue complaints

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