The neck is a region where many influences converge. Breathing and our posture are of great influence. In addition, the neck must stabilize the head which is a great strain. Important nerve structures for the chest, abdomen and limbs also run through the neck. The neck includes the thyroid gland, vocal cords, esophagus and trachea, all very important structures. So tension or decreased mobility in this region can have a lot of impact locally and in places elsewhere in the body. Osteopathy treats the neck locally as well as the body as a whole. This ensures optimal flow/conduction from the neck to the head and from the neck to the torso and limbs. Below is a list of what complaints might occur.

- Neck pain
- Osteoarthritis/Atritis
- Muscle complaints
- (Work) posture complaints
- Whiplash
- Complaints after burnout
- Persistent complaints after Covid-19
- Persistent symptoms after surgery
- Scar tissue complaints

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