Wrist & hand

Wrist & Hand
The wrist/hand joint is a complex joint consisting of many bones and joints. Blood flow and nerve conduction is essential for these structures. Therefore, we look beyond the local area to the wrist and hand but also to the neck/shoulder/elbow region that have a nourishing function for the wrist and hand. Wrist and hand problems often arise from an accident/fall or overuse. This often causes the affected structures to move less well and reduces their function. The goal is to release the blockages of the affected structures both locally in the hand and wrist, and in conjunction to the rest of the body. Below is a list of what complaints might occur.

- Wrist complaints
- Hand complaints
- Osteoarthritis/Atritis
- Muscle complaints
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- (Work) posture complaints
- Deafness/reduced sensation in the arms
- Tingling to the arms
- Persistent symptoms after surgery
- Scar tissue complaints

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Wrist and hand
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