Indications and
types of complaints.
I can help you with a wide variety of
complaints. Below you will get an idea of what kind of
complaints that goes, for example, and for whom osteopathy is appropriate.
Loomans Osteopathy
deals with

In adult life, a wide variety of complaints are possible that osteopathy can help with, physically but also mentally. In fact, the body and mind are one cooperating system. Thus, mental complaints can affect physically but physical complaints can also cause mental complaints. So for many complaints, osteopathy can potentially be an entry point.

During pregnancy, symptoms may arise. The body must adapt to the baby's growth process. These symptoms can be very different for each woman. Osteopathy helps with the pregnancy process by restoring adequate mobility to the specific structures and tissues. This allows the body to cope with all the changes required during pregnancy.

After Pregnancy
After pregnancy the body is in a new situation, this can cause symptoms. During pregnancy and during childbirth, many pulling and pushing forces affected various structures in the body. To regain balance in the body, it is important to restore these structures to their normal tension and mobility. Osteopathy can provide this recovery, after which the body returns to its balance.

As an athlete, you often face a lot of stress on your muscles, tendons and joints. Especially during this increased load, all structures in the body must work together optimally to achieve the optimal performance without sustaining an overload/injury. Osteopathy looks at this cooperation of the structures and ensures that your system can perform optimally. After an injury, not only is the location of your injury looked at, but the whole body is examined for the cause of your complaint. This makes you better able to handle high training/competition loads and less likely to get injuries. In addition, a more cooperative system works performance-enhancing for your sport.
Is an Osteopathy
treatment for
you effectively?
Osteopathy is there for all ages and situations (elite sports, pregnant, burnout, etc.) and helps for a very wide range of complaints.

Osteopathy falls under complementary/complementary medicine. This means that we are complementary/complementary to mainstream medicine and are not a replacement for a primary care physician or specialist. You would be wise to contact your doctor first if you have medical complaints to rule out underlying diseases.
Tietze's syndrome
Gastrointestinal complaints
Bloating of the abdomen
Spastic bowel
Irritable bowel syndrome
Menstrual complaints
Bladder inflammation, incontinence
Neck pain
Upper back pain
Lower back pain
Pelvic instability
Breech complaints
Shoulder Pain
Frozen shoulder
Elbow complaints
Tennis, and golfer's elbow
Wrist Pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Hand complaints
Hip pain
Groin pain
Knee pain
Patello-femoral complaints
Runner's knee
Meniscus complaints
Ankle complaints
Ankle sprain
Foot complaints
Heel Spur
Muscle complaints
(Work) posture complaints
Tension headache
Jaw pain
Tingling to the arms and/or legs
Deafness/reduced sensation in the arms and/or legs
Persistent symptoms after surgery
Persistent complaints after illness
Scar tissue complaints
Stress complaints
Complaints after burnout
Persistent complaints after Covid-19