Many different symptoms can occur in the abdomen. In treatment, we improve the mobility of the organ or organs that have been a cause of your abdominal pain. By making the connective tissue membrane that surrounds the organ more mobile, thereby increasing the mobility of the organ, blood flow and perfusion is improved. This benefits the function of the organ and often helps resolve abdominal complaints. Below is a list of what complaints might occur.

- Gastrointestinal complaints
- Obstipation
- Spastic bowel
- Bloating of the abdomen
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Complaints after burnout
- Persistent complaints after Covid-19
- Fatigue
- Stress complaints
- Persistent complaints after illness
- Persistent symptoms after surgery
- Scar tissue complaints

Is your complaint not listed? Then contact us without obligation and you will get an explanation of whether osteopathy can do something for you.
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