Chest cavity

Chest cavity
The chest seems to be mainly a rigid region with a protective function for our vital parts. But if this region is reduced too much in mobility, then with it the spring function of the chest is also reduced. This makes it more difficult to take deep breaths, for example, and upper back pain or complaints between the shoulder blades tend to occur. The structures located in the chest such as the lungs, heart and esophagus benefit greatly from adequate mobility and proper tension. Osteopathy mobilizes this area and treats the coherence of the chest in relation to the rest of the body. Below is a list of what complaints might occur.

- Tietze's syndrome
- Hyperventilation
- Shortness of breath
- Long-Covid
- Complaints after burnout
- Persistent complaints after Covid-19
- Fatigue
- Stress complaints
- Persistent complaints after illness
- Persistent symptoms after surgery
- Scar tissue complaints

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